Forget others.. Live for yourself


By simply observing people around us, we notice many common problems that we all struggle with. For example, we all struggle because of expectations and the pressure it exerts on our daily life. Sometimes we feel as if our decisions are being controlled by an invisible hand. Its as if those decisions were made because we were allowed to make them. In other words, we actually believe we’re making these decisions when in reality, we’re being pushed into that specific direction ..LOL
Over time, the pressure just takes its’ toll on us and we just start beating ourselves up and destroying our self-image. I thought about this for a while and I’ve noticed that we simply live for acceptance. Everything we do… we do it in hope of being accepted by someone .. a parent, a friend, a lover or society.

So, why do we do that?

It’s simply because acceptance is a fundamental human need.

We live our life trying to satisfy others; we try so hard to fit our ‘persona’ without realizing that people will never be satisfied. The more we give, the higher the expectations become. So, what’s the point? What’s the point of fulfilling those expectations if they’re just going to pile up anyway? What’s the point of mentally degrading ourselves for being unable to meet the list of endless expectations?

I mean, the more we try to fulfill them, the more we fall behind, right? ..
and well, eventually we would find ourselves in an inescapable loop of misery.

So, what’s the point?

I personally believe that each person should try to live everyday with utter fulfillment. I believe that one should try, for their own sake, to better themselves with each passing day. People shouldn’t feel the need to prove themselves to anyone, but themselves.

So, forget about pleasing others and live for yourself.. not for others.





When we surround ourselves with negativity and self-doubt for a long time, we tend to overlook a lot of things that we should be grateful for. Sometimes people perceive us as successful and intelligent, but their opinions don’t really matter if we don’t perceive ourselves in that light. Self-doubt eats its way through us and makes it seem like we are being pulled down into a black hole. We start to take all the beautiful things we have for granted, because they become ‘mundane.’ The power of self-image is fascinating, isn’t it?

I tend to believe that the deterioration of one’s self-image starts with ‘labels.’ For example, someone who doesn’t have friends tends to label themselves as introverted, when they’re actually shy and do not know how to approach other people. So, when that person starts labeling themselves, they automatically start adjusting their life in order to fit that label. The ‘labels’ become our way of identifying ourselves and defining who we are. Simply put, we become that ‘label.’

We overcome a negative self-image by freeing ourselves from labels and simply accepting who we truly are.

So, why not start by listing some of the things that you are grateful for in life?