Who Am I?

The name’s Sally and I’m 22 years old! When I was a kid, I used to trap flies inside cups and glass containers just for fun (don’t worry, I always set ’em free in the end)!

Okay, so fast forward 15 years… I’m an undergrad in college currently pursuing a degree in Design and holding two minors, one in Management and another in Psychology. I’m one of those people who are always lost with a very shitty sense of direction (doesn’t matter if I have a map or a GPS on me)!

I love studying about the human mind because it makes me look cool in front of other people… ‘hey, I can read your body language and you behave the way you do because of this’ … pretty cool, huh? Most people tend to think people who study Psychology are mind readers LOL! .. just kidding, Psych is just a very fascinating subject!

I enjoy painting, drawing, music, writing, reading and so many other things. I just have so many interests that I don’t think I can focus on one thing in life.

To be continued.. !

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