Crash Bandicoot is Back!!! [PS4]

As a 90s kid, I spent a great deal of my childhood playing Crash Bandicoot on PS1! I think everyone would agree that this is one of the best PlayStation games ever! The adventures of our beloved marsupial are back with better visual graphics and all!

I can’t wait to play it!




The Caterpillar – Prologue

So, this is the prologue of a story that I’m working on right now! Honestly, I’m not so sure in which direction this idea is headed! But I wanted to put it out there for reviews and stuff! So, yea..

The moment I regained consciousness, I made sure to stay very still. I desperately tried to recall how I got myself in this situation to begin with, but all my mind seemed to register was a throbbing headache. I kept my eyes shut and tried to focus all my energy on my surroundings. I noticed that even though all my body parts were intact, my hands and feet were tied and I couldn’t move. The floor beneath me was cold and wet. As if that wasn’t enough, I’m sure there was a window slightly open somewhere behind me, as I felt the whisper of an icy breeze brush quietly against my lower back. My entire body shuddered as I shifted uncomfortably in my pitiful state. I tried to listen for any signs of movement around me, but there was only a faint sound somewhere in the distance, like a motor of some sort. The haze in my head began to clear and as my focus became sharper, it slowly began to register— the stench.

There could only be one way to describe it, whatever it was, it smelled like death or worse.

With an effort to try and locate the source of the smell, I opened my eyes slowly and came face to face with nothing. Pitch black. My heart started racing as fears of being blind and unable to see started infiltrating my thoughts. I blinked a few times and my eyes started making out shapes in the darkness, a table, a chair, and a ladder?

Ok ok… relief! I can see! I’m not blind! Now, the nasty smell!

I looked around, searching and hoping it really wasn’t a dead body or anything. Then, my eyes rested on a pair of stinky socks lying a few inches away from my head.

Great! That’s just what I needed!, I thought sarcastically.

I held my breath and scooted, or more like wiggled, away from the socks, and that was when I heard it:

A low chuckle from the corner of the room.

The fact that it was dark and I couldn’t see my surroundings very well didn’t help at all. My body tensed and I froze. Someone was in the room watching me. My heart started pounding and my mind started going crazy with thoughts about how I’m going to get raped, tortured, killed, and get dumped somewhere.

This cannot be happening to me! 

These things don’t happen to normal boring people like me! 

I’m going to die! I’m going to di—

The sound of footsteps approaching pulled me out of my panicked state. The moment a pair of shiny polished shoes came into view, I think I stopped breathing all together. The man wore a suit and from my vantage point, I could see that he was indeed, very tall. As he knelt in front of me, I got a better view of his face. The first thing I noticed was that he wore no mask to conceal his identity.

Does that mean I won’t be leaving this place alive? Is that why he’s not worried I might be able to identify him? 

He was bald and wore an earring in his left ear. He was watching me with intent concentration and then he grimaced.

Not a good sign!

He, then, slowly moved his hand into his suit jacket and from my view, I could see a holster. I gulped. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, picked up the socks, and threw the nasty things away.

To be honest, I was a bit relieved! At least the stench was gone!

“You’re finally awake. You were unconscious for a while and I was getting bored waiting for you,” he said, in a calm and collected voice.

He had a thick and heavy accent. Scandinavian, maybe? I couldn’t tell since I was horrible with accents. God! I was lame. I had a terrible feeling about this whole ordeal.

He continued, “I knew the socks would do the trick. I’m really not into torture.”

Was this guy for real? I gave him my death glare but he just smiled, with teeth and all. He had a diamond thing on one of his canines. What do you call them? Twinkle tooth piercings or something? I was momentarily stunned. Was this how criminals looked like? All polished and shiny?

I took a deep breath and said,

“w-w-who are you?” I stammered and my voice came out more like a squeak.

He laughed and said slowly,

“Oh! I think you know exactly who I am Ms. Dean! Let’s cut the crap, shall we?”

His smile faded and his eyes lost all signs of humor. His face was blank as he murmured, “Your brother ran out on me and I want my money back. So, he pays or I kill you!”

I stared up at him in horror unable to process what he just said.

An expression of pity washed over his face as he looked at me.

“It’s only fair,” he said in a calm voice devoid of all emotions.

Icy World – 氷の世界


So, this is my most recent digital painting! The inspiration behind it stems from my obsession with the Galilean Moon, Europa. Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons that is said to have a surface made of ice. Beneath the crust, scientists believe that there are oceans of water. Europa might just be the next Earth, who knows right?

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Tools: Wacom Intuos Pro

Duration: I’m not sure, took me all day to finish it!

A New Chapter


It’s been quite some time since the last time I posted anything on my blog. So, I’m not sure where to start or what to write for the matter. So, I guess I’ll start with the big news:

I graduated from college! 

That took a while to finally sink in, to be honest! I’m a responsible adult now, with commitments and responsibilities and all that. Can you believe it? I won’t be pulling anymore all nighters or worrying about grades! No more research papers! No more staying in uni till midnight to finish a project! No more 7 hours studio! No more studying during breaks! No more fighting over courses! No more walking around like zombies …. No more classes!


To be completely frank with you, a few months back, just the idea of actually graduating freaked the hell out me. My mind was clouded with fear of what would come after? what if I couldn’t find a job? what if this and what if that..

Now however, I find myself excited and determined to grow everyday and become the best version of myself. The day I walked down the stage to receive my diploma, I knew deep down that this new chapter would be the scariest and the toughest, yet also the most exciting one! I knew that this is the time to finally let go and push myself beyond my comfort zone.

So, I have a list of goals in mind that I will achieve by the end of this year (hopefully):


  • I will give it my all and word hard every day to enhance my career and double my achievements.
  • I will create a balance in my life and make every day count.
  • I will let go of all the fears and irrational worries that held me back for years.
  • I will get out of my comfort zone (by force).
  • I will grow with each and every day.
  • I will apply these goals for the rest of my life.


** Stay tuned for another list in 2018. That’s it for now, unless I remember anything else lol.



His Eyes


His eyes were like moonstones, exotic and beguiling. They contrasted with his dark complexion, giving him a striking and penetrating gaze. Looking into those eyes, I felt the world dim in comparison; there was nothing else other than those molten silvery eyes. I suddenly noticed a spark of amusement glow in his eyes as he realized I was staring. He smirked, and I felt myself tremble. His eyes pierced my soul and I was momentarily bewitched by their depth. They were like gems, smoky and absolutely mesmerizing.


“The eyes are the window to your soul.”
– William Shakespeare