Anime Characters made Cartoonish

Untitled-5So, the idea behind these anime turned cartoons thing is that I was really bored… and I just suddenly got this idea of choosing my top 5 favorite anime characters and portray them in a very light and funny manner! Of course, it was so hard to choose only 5 (since I’m a big fan of anime and I can probably list a few dozens of anime boyfriends), so I’m probably going to add to this list later!


Icy World – 氷の世界


So, this is my most recent digital painting! The inspiration behind it stems from my obsession with the Galilean Moon, Europa. Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons that is said to have a surface made of ice. Beneath the crust, scientists believe that there are oceans of water. Europa might just be the next Earth, who knows right?

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Tools: Wacom Intuos Pro

Duration: I’m not sure, took me all day to finish it!