Within Me


Within me, I’ve discovered a world I never knew existed. A world where anything is possible and the word unreasonable is simply, an illusion. I’ve discovered within me a world painted by the colors of my thoughts and visions. Today, I recognize that within me lies a dormant artist ready to spring free.


His Eyes


His eyes were like moonstones, exotic and beguiling. They contrasted with his dark complexion, giving him a striking and penetrating gaze. Looking into those eyes, I felt the world dim in comparison; there was nothing else other than those molten silvery eyes. I suddenly noticed a spark of amusement glow in his eyes as he realized I was staring. He smirked, and I felt myself tremble. His eyes pierced my soul and I was momentarily bewitched by their depth. They were like gems, smoky and absolutely mesmerizing.


“The eyes are the window to your soul.”
– William Shakespeare